Mixing Silkies with Rocks

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    Hi, I have 3 Barred Rocks (hoping they're hens) and am looking to add maybe 3 or 4 more birds to my flock. I'd love some silkies, but will the rocks hurt them with the size difference? The rocks were given to me as chicks, so I'm still waiting to see their gender. If they are roo's, will they crush the silkies? I'm only looking for more hens...

    If silkies are not recommended, what other breed would be good? I live in Tennessee, so our weather is a lot warmer than when I was in Wisconsin!!

    Also, how do you recommend introducing new hens to the coop? I don't want them to fight...

    Thanks for your help!!
    - Sadie

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    Good questions.

    First off - yes you can add silkies to your flock & they will eventually get along just fine. Even if you have all roosters.

    To introduce the new birds the most important factor is age, not size.

    All birds will work out a new pecking order when newcomers are added - there will be a lot of pecking going on. Usually not enough to hurt someone - but the older the silkies are (3 months or so) the better they can take the occasional punch w/o getting hurt.

    I always introduce new birds well after bed time. hens can't count & if they wake up with more hens than they went to bed with they assume the birds were always there & accept them.

    Not to say they won't try to see where these birds are on the pecking order - they will - but they won't try to kill them this way.

    Just give them plenty of room to run & after about a week all will settle down & the birds will be just like sisters.

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