MM Chicks hatched 3/8 - AE? What does recovery look like?


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Mar 28, 2008
I received a batch of Rhode island Reds and Dominiques from MM on 3/10. Many of the Dominiques became ill 12-14 days later. They are quarantined, but alive. Can't find anything definitive regarding the long-term prognosis. Anyone? If they survive, I'll always have to keep new chicks under 6 weeks away from these survived adult birds? Will survivors be poor layers or maybe not? My husband really doesn't want to euthanize them. Any info is appreciated. How uncommon is this AE outbreak? Thx.


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Jul 8, 2007
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There's lots of information on the thread about the sick MM chicks. Check it out.

Basically the survivors should be immune and pass that immunity onto their offspring. Once the virus is no longer present in bedding, feces, area - it is safe to introduce new baby chicks or adult egg laying (for hatch) hens. It is probably best to wait a couple of months before exposing any other birds (baby or adult) to the chicks or the area they've been housed in. However most baby chicks are immune because they come from mothers who have been vaccinated - that's why some of the breeds got sick and some did not when in same brooder. Something went wrong with vaccination of some of the hens/breeds is guesstimate of what happened in this case.

Opinions vary as to whether the survivors will be hardy birds or poor egg layers or have any lingering effects from their illness.

AE is very common, a natural poultry virus that is present everywhere. It's prevented with vaccination of egg laying hens.

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