MMH Rare Chick ID?


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I'm giving up on guessing what this little guy is. 5 weeks old as of tomorrow. We were kind of thinking Fuyomis, but he keeps adding more white. He's not particularly small, so we're not thinking bantam. He's in with the Cornish X birds and some 8 week pullets and he's holding his own (there's a CX girl in the last picture, same age as him, as a reference). On the flighty end of the spectrum, but that could just be from being the small guy in town. Any guesses? We're assuming it's a little boy since that's usually what you get with the rare chicks.


EE? I have two EE pullets, but they're from a different breeder and are a lovely buff and grey with no white. Are the MMH EE boys more colorful?
No feathered feet, no beard, and I really can't even see the comb he has since it's so darn tiny right now. He's certainly not getting in the bigger comb like the boy CX birds are doing right now.
Huh! Funny, I thought I could see a beard & feathered feet!

Can you look closer at the comb (grab him)? Usually you can make out what the comb will look like. The pea comb will be bumpy & squashed down whereas a single comb will be thin & have points.

No idea what he is haha. Looks like just a mutt
I'll grab him tomorrow, the kids are all sleeping now. He's actually pretty hawk-like right now, which was where I had a heart attack and thought I got an Old English or Modern Game boy.
Got a good look at his comb today, we've got a little pea comb. I think we've got an EE on our hands. I'm actually very pleased, since I have two EE girls so if he's a keeper (not psycho), I have the potential to raise more EEs for my layer flock. They're also popular in the area.

I'll be watching carefully to see if that comb goes red. He's five weeks old, I was kind of expecting to see something by now. Maybe another week or two, since the feather colors match the pictures of little EE cockrels posted on the sexing thread. Pretty sure it's a he, but a girl would be a very nice surprise.

And before I forget, CochinBrahmaLover, your avatar is simply amazing. I just stare at it.
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