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    Nov 19, 2013
    East central MN
    New chicken guy here, I'm keeping a flock less than an hour's drive North of the twin cities- About 10 miles South of Hinckley, near Pine City.

    I have a small flock of Silver Grey Dorkings, started April 2013 with an order of 25 straight run chicks from Murray Mcmurray.

    (Video of the flock devouring leftover pumpkins)

    When I reach the magic 20 posts, I'm going to offer some of the excess cockerals on the swap/sell part of the site... What I'd really like is to swap with someone keeping Dorkings from an unrelated strain.

    Also trying to re-home this guy, the blue Andalusian cockeral that Mcmurray threw in with the order of Dorkings.
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