MobileChickenCoops-anyone have one?

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    Ive seen these posted a few times, but I would love to see more detail of them. Ive seen the outside of the coops, but I would love to see the inside of them as well. How does the wheel lever work exactly? If you have one, how do you like them? Im thinking of getting a couple of them to use for my different breeds. I think I like this idea better than have breeder coops that stay in one place all the time.
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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Here are a few more pics of our coops. We offer the inside of the coop as an open space to the run or as a separate enclosure to the run for greater predator protection and winter warmth. I custom build many units to our customers desires and also build a lot of stationary and larger coops. The retractable wheels are a one piece welded lever that I designed to bolt to the coop with a sliding j-bolt stop that will hold the wheels in the up position when moving the coop. They are easy to operate and you do not have to bend over to set the wheels into position. Our company was started from raising chickens and selling the coops we used ourselves to our customers. We are not a shed manufacturer nor do we have any sort of corporate backing. If ever you are down towards the Burnet area our store is right off of the highway and our coops are on display all of the time. We also sell chicks and pullets, feed, feeders, waterers, natural pest control and all of our coop accessories. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about our coops and hopefully some of our customers will post their thoughts as well. April with uses some of our coops and I use her as a reference for people to contact.
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    I saw a mobile chicken house built on a four wheeled cart. All the run's wire panels were able to be taken apart and fastened back together in new area. Panels were approx 6 feet high and 8 feet long.
    The top of the coop run was threaded back and forth with rope so nothing could fly in.
    The coop looked much like the first pics. Wire bottom and nest boxes hanging on the back. With one difference being it was built on a four wheeled wagon. It was big, about 6 x 10. He moved it with his truck.

    The fellows idea behind the construction, was to move the coop and run around to new grass every couple of weeks. He has to keep them penned because of the Eagles.
    I should have taken pictures. He did a fantastic job. First time chicken owner and he went to a chicken workshop to learn about chickens before getting them. Lucky chickens.
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    Our coop is on a garden cart, which moves very easily and the pen is separate. We put the girls in the coop, move it and then slide the pen up to it. We move it every couple of days and it seems to be working great. The only downfall is that you need 2 people, or one husband that doesn't want to wait for you to move it. Take a look at my BYC page. Very simple inside. One roost. We orginally had 2, put they didn't use it, so we took it out. They all huddle together anyway. We mounted the food dish on the wall so it didn't take up so much space and have the water hanging. The nest box is to the outside which also gives them more room. We also have a waterer outside and food tray for snacks. We have their feed inside so it doesn't get wet. Good Luck.
    On another note, we have ours in town, so we put chicken wire on the bottom of the pen so they can get weeds, but can't scratch the grass so they are not killing it. We put a pan of dirt out there for them for their dust baths and usually have 2 at a time in there together.

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