Modern Game Bantam Incubating Problems


May 5, 2015
This is my second attempt at incubating and hatching Modern Game Bantam eggs. On day 7, we (My high school agriculture class) candled the eggs and we can clearly see the blood veins but no movement. One egg has a lot of movement, but the other 6 do not. I know they are fertilized but I can not understand why they stop developing. The first time incubating the eggs, there was movement on the 7th-8th day. Then when we candled them again on the 12th day.....there was no movement or further development.
I was also incubating Copper Moran eggs with success. We cracked open the eggs after I could tell they had stop developing. Developmentally they had gotten to day 11 or 12 then stopped.

Can someone please tell me if modern game bantams are hard to incubate? Is there something I am doing wrong? I read in another thread someone mentioned 39% humidity.... I have ordered a humidity monitor.

Any advice is appreciated!!


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First off, at 7 days, you maybe just aren't seeing any movement, but that doesn't mean they are dead. Its very small at only 7 days. Wait until they get a little bigger before counting them out.

What kind of incubator are you using? Does it have a fan or not? What temperatures/humidity? You mention getting a humidity monitor (hygrometer), so are you adding water or not... if so, how much? More details please....

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