modern game hen--soft-shelled egg


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Sep 2, 2009
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My son bought a pair of modern games 1 1/2 weeks ago at a poultry show. The birds came from the same line that won the champion bird came from, so my son was really excited. Anyway, the hen is almost 2 years old. She laid her 1st egg for us a couple of days ago. It was a soft-shelled egg. Is that normal for a modern game for her 1st egg of the season.? She was not laying prior to the show--I guess modern games don't lay through the winter. We've never had modern games before, and we really don't know what to feed them. We bought some Mana Pro (sp?) game bird grower/finisher crumbles from Tractor Supply, but I'm suspecting we need to change to something else because it would seem that this particular feed is for game bird chicks? Or, do you feed game bird chicks the same feed as other chicks? Anyhoo, I'm wondering if she does not have enough calcium? We've started adding some oyster shell bits to the crumbles. Please let me know any helpful information about game bird feed and why she might have laid a soft-shelled egg. I hope this is not a bad sign. Thanks.

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