Modified rabbit hutch


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Mar 21, 2007
Northern New Jersey
Has anyone converted a rabbit hutch into a chicken coop/run? If so, pics would be great. I have one from agway that the house seperates from the cage, so was thinking of ways to use it.


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Apr 16, 2007
Evening Shade, AR
We're keeping our extra Bantam roos in spare rabbit hutches, for the time being.

Two of the hutches have 1/2" hardware cloth floors...we put down a thick layer of hay on the floor to keep the birds' feet from getting sore. No "coops", to speak hutch is covered mainly with TekFoil, to keep out the weather. The other, I used a large cardboard box as a coop.

TekFoil hutch/coop...

Cardboard box hutch/coop (stryofoam lid protects half the hutch from rains from the south)...

The third hutch as a plywood floor, so we use pine shavings on the floor of it. There's a section enclosed for a sort-of coop. I'd like to get rid of the floor in this hutch, enclose the bottom "leg" area and turn it into a small of these days.

"coop" area in hutch #3...

All 3 hutches will be converted for the chickens, eventually. They are on-going projects...and we'll use them as temporary coops when we move out to Arkansas...atleast, that's the game plan, right now.
I should be getting my cast off on Tuesday so I'll finally be able to work on these some more.



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Jan 12, 2008
easley sc
we just got a small hutch for a coop-like the one from petco for $150-for only $50.It is perfect for a pair of serama,took out the wire grate filled with shavings.added 2 happy silkied serama.DH will make an attached run so they can be safe and play in the grass.He is also making 2 more in a larger model for the others we have.

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