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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Hi all.. With xmas creeping so fast and money being really tight I was wondering if anyone was to trade eggs with me for items I can give as gifts-kids-women-men--just tell me what you got!!!

    I am leaving for CO. Sat and have just put some of my breeder pens together-

    I have a black bearded silkie hen and a black bantam cochin hen in with a Lavender silkie roo!!! They each lay everyday-I will not ship eggs until they have been together for 3 weeks to make sure the eggs are pure-I dont have any other bantam roos old enough to mate-them so the possibility of them being fertile by anything else is slim to none but I am good to my word and want to be at peace when I say the eggs will be pure of what is in the breeder pen.

    I also have an EE girl-that lays the most beautiful blue eggs-she has been laying 3-4 weeks -she is with a 1/2 favorelle-1/2 Amaracauna Roo ( he's my only roo right now and has been for the past 4-5 weeks) I also have Bo's-RIR's- with him-
    I can start shipping around Mon the 23rd of November-

    So if these guys peak any interest let me know we'll do an even steven swap-Ill post photos AS soon as I can-
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