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    I keep my scratch feed in a 8 gallon metal trash can. With all the rain we've gotten this year, my scratch feed has been getting water in it from just from moisture in the air seeping between the lid and can (not airtight), condensing and dripping on the feed. Then it gets moldy. I try to air it out when I can, emptying it all out, spreading it out on an old towel, and putting it back in. I also buy scratch in smaller amounts from the birdseed area and mix my own instead of buying the 50 lb bags.

    What can I do to keep water/moisture from getting in there?

    I can't use plastic, the squirrels gnaw through it.
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    Quote:Kill the squirrels or move to Arizona.
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    I use the 30 gallon metal cans with a large contractor grade trash bag inserted to hold my feed. The bag is large enough to fold the top over and keep the feed dry. One can holds 100 lbs. I use two cans so I can rotate the feed if one can is not completely empty. After a few fillings the bags get holes, but are easily changed. You have to do something similar. DO NOT feed your birds anything that gets wet as mold grows and the birds wil get sick and/or die. If they haven`t yet, you are lucky, but don`t push it.........Pop
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    There are two products out there I really love for keeping kibble/feed dry. One is called "Vittles Vault" and it comes in several different sizes, some straight up and some with angled necks. Gamma Seal lids are completely airtight. Container is sturdy plastic with rounded corners to deter critters from gnawing. You could also slip one inside a metal bin for extra protection. Or if you have your own buckets with 12" opening, just get the Gamma Seal lids.

    If you have a PetSmart or PetCo near you, you can get a look at the Vittles Vaults. Home improvement stores usually have Gamma Seal lids and buckets they will go on.
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    Where's your scratch stored? Since you're using a small 8 gallon can, you might be able to find a discreet spot for it in the house, then just fill a container on your way out the door to feed them.

    If it's not stored under a roof at all, do your best to get it whatever shelter you can, and also get it up off the ground on a pallet or something.
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    Feed is kept in the woodshed although when the rain comes from the NW (which it frequently does) it blows into the shed. DH doesn't want feed in the house at all. I'm clumsy and have a habit of spilling things and he doesn't want to attract rodents.

    Mahonri, our house is paid for. We're not going anywhere [​IMG]

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