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  1. Saroco

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    A week or so ago I let my 5 week old chicks out in the run for a few hours, and my mother (bless her heart) suggested I throw some food on the ground for them.. I did, and now the bottom of my run is covered with mold! Will it just go away after time, or will I have to scrape it out, or what?

    Another thing...When they are out there for good, will the food in their dish mold too?
  2. silkiechicken

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    It will go away eventually, but if you plan on throwing them out there again soon, it won't hurt to scrape it up so they don't eat it and get sick. Food in a feeder even if it is raining outside should stay dry and thus not mold. The ground is damp so molds easily. Plus, food on ground tends to attract rodents.

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