molded combs


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Millbrook al
I have 1 white legged rooster and3 white legged hens 5 rode Island roosters and 1 rode island hen with 4 buffs in my pen. The white legged rooster was noticed to have a mold like on his comb and , then a few days later the 4 hens got a little. they are all looking worries by the day and now I think the reds and starting to get them. What is this? My 3 whites are layers. Can I eat the eggs ?
Here you go

I agree, fowl pox. My flock is just getting over it. Not real serious. Kinda like our chicken pox. Runs it's course in about 3 weeks. Only a problem if it gets into their mouth or eyes. I had one hen that kept her eye closed for about a day but was fine the next day. The dark spots will just be gone one day. Just watch for secondary infections. Good Luck

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