Moldy fermented feed


Jun 3, 2020
I need information about why my fermenting feed is moldy after 2 days. The first 2 batches I made were great, during the summer. The chickens loved the food. The next batch, I changed the scratch grain and in 36 hours I had mold. I do know the difference. So, I used unused mason jars, washed, and put several of the ingredients ( 2 different brands of scratch grains, pellets, in 3 different jars. One of the scratch grains and the pellets had black and white fuzzy mold on them within 36 hours. Just 2 days ago I used the scratch grain that did not mold and the pellets I used in the first batch and clean oats. Today I have black and white mold again. I have the containers in the laundry room and keep the door closed most of the time. This is the same location I used in the hot weather. The laundry room is warmer now that the heat comes on and not the AC. Could temperature be the problem?
Well first off, I think it's pretty cool that you make your own grain.

Mold will grow on a drop of moisture. Was it warm when you put it in mason jars? Condensation could of been a problem. Also because you're making it and probably not putting in any preservatives in it, you probably want to keep it somewhere cool or even in a refrigerator.
I only get mold issues when it gets hot, so temperature might be an issue. Do you happen to know how hot it gets in your laundry area?

I'd also suggest feeding at 24 hr mark and making smaller batches (which is how I handle fermenting in summer). It's a hassle but it prevents it from sitting too long where mold can form.
absolutely no lid. moisture will gather from the condensation and will mold. I get big 25 gallon buckets with no lid and one part food and like one and a half parts water. that is what I do and I works pretty well

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