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Oct 30, 2012
There is a mole who lives in my backyard, he makes molehills all over the yard and (I think) It gave my dogs fleas. I got chickens this year and I think this mole gave them mites, it keeps popping up hills in the chicken run! I dont know how to kill this thing. If theres a humane way to get rid of it, id also like to, but I really just want the dang thing gone. How do I get rid of it?
Mites come in from the wild birds...don't know about moles. But I know I have seen those sonic mole repellents for sale on internet. I don't know if they work or not.

If you have a bird feeder up, make sure it is well away from the coop. Don't throw feed around the yard near the chickens that they can't clean up quickly so the wild birds won't come near.

Give the wild birds their own birdbath far away from the coop, if they are drinking out of the chicken waterer. They can also pass diseases, not just mites.
chewed piece of bubblegum in its hole it will think its a worm eat it. or a stand over its hole with a mallet
No one believes this until they try it. Open a part of the moles tunnel and put a good amount of human hair in it,
then cover it in the tunnel. No other hair will work. Try it.
Chickens and moles are not infested by the same kind of mites. You should be giving your dogs something for flea and tick control, anyway, because there are many sources of these parasites.

The only sure fire way to get rid of moles is to poison them, but if your yard is desirable habitat, others are likely to eventually move in after you kill the one(s) you have now. Keeping chicken feed and bird seed out of their reach will not help keep moles away, because moles are insectivores. They don't eat seed or grain. I would suggest you try to tolerate the mole. Maybe get a field guide, learn more about them, perhaps identify the species you have. They really are interesting creatures.

I really don't think plugging up the hole or stuffing anything down the tunnel will have any impact. Moles are built for digging and will simply dig themselves out in some other direction.
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