Molt? Or something else?

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    Hi all,
    This is Celest, my warren. Rescued her from meat man about 5 weeks ago. She's been laying very frequently and now we haven't had an egg for about 2 weeks.. She looks fluffed up, isn't as active as she normally is but the weather here in the uk isn't great! The other warren has lost a few but nothing like this. Her wing feathers have gone, all under her tummy, and on top of her head too. She looks so miserable!
    Could this be something else?
    Thanks x
  2. sunflour

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    Jan 10, 2013
    I'm still an novice, but looks like a molt to feathers coming in where feathers have shed. As long as she is acting normal, eating, drinking, then that would be my opinion.
  3. ronott1

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    It looks like molting. It is the right time of year for it too.
  4. Michael Apple

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    I'm quite sure sunflour is right. Start supplementing the bird's water with some poultry vitamin and probiotic soluble powder 3X a week. Feed a good 17-20% protein layer ration and a liberal amount of crushed oyster shell. She should be fine even though moulting is a stressful time for birds. Laying should resume after the moult is finished.

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