Molting already


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Jul 22, 2013
Las Vegas NV
this hen of mine molts every year .. but thank goodness she started now .. and not in December like last year ... poor Hanny penny... anyone else molting yet ?
Mine decided to start at fair
. Judge didn't seem too impressed at that moment...
I've had a couple go through their moult already. Even my duck and goose have gone through it also. I guess it just depends on the bird? I know what you mean, at least its now, instead of the winter. Down here, I don't really need to worry to much about that!
what is molted

Chickens (and other birds) go through a "molt" every year - they shed their current set of feathers, either gradually or all at once, depending on the chicken, and grow back new ones. These new fresh feathers help them get ready for winter.

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