Molting Already???


5 Years
Sep 2, 2014
I have 5 hens who all have molted. Aren't chickens supposed to molt in Fall- December? I live in Florida. The past month, egg production has slowed down to about 0 to 2 eggs a day. Also, I only get eggs from 2 out of the 5 once great laying hens. Do they have worms?
Molt is triggered by the change in the amount of daylight. When their molt is actually triggered can vary. But it can happen easily in late summer. Nutrition and stress can also help to trigger a molt. Do they have worms? Its possible. My guess though is that is just the time for them.
For some reason this past year, my flock has been in a constant state of molt. It started in the spring, which was unexpected, and no sooner would one bird finish molting than another would start. My rooster Mars has molted twice--once in the early summer and again now that the days have gotten shorter. He's otherwise healthy and robust and is feathering out very nicely, but it was a surprise to be sure!

Yes, your hens can molt any old time, and this is about the time of year they normally decide to do it. Keep an eye out for new feathers growing in if you suspect molting is the cause, and consider offering them feather fixer feed to help give them a boost.
One of mine is molting. She's usually a very sweet and friendly girl but since she started molting, she's been very standoff-ish.
I think the other two are as well but they are still laying though not as much. I switched them over to starter (non-medicated) and have free choice oyster shell for them.
I've got a couple of new additions who aren't old enough for layer feed but I had planned to switch the older girls off of layer feed before then.
A higher protein feed, like starter, will help them regrow their feathers, thus helping them in the long run. But until they finish the molt the egg production will be what it is. Once they are laying again then a higher protein feed will allow them to put more into each egg.

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