molting and duct tape

chicken garden lady

9 Years
Jul 5, 2010
Just wanted to share my story about my SLW who is molting. About 10-14 days ago Empress started molting big-time. She looked nearly naked in what seemed like just a couple days. She was freaked-out about it and started pecking her wings which were really bare. I wasn,t sure what to do, separating her wouldn't protect her from herself. I checked her over real good to make sure she didn't have lice, she was nice and clean. I knew she and her friends wouldn't be able to resist if they could see red, so how to cover her wings? I tried a couple bandaids but she got them off. So I covered the bandaids with duct tape. It took a couple tries to get it on right so she couldn't get it off. Anyhow after a week or so the tape came off and no more sores just healthy new feathers growing in. I'm so happy things didn't go the other way, she is normally a very good chicken. She is still alittle crabby about her moult, chasing her friends if they get too close. Maybe being top hen is hard when you're molting.
Glad you found a way to help her! I've heard of people using duct tape to make saddles to protect the girls' backs from the roosters, but I've never use it to keep one from picking themselves. Thanks for the tip!
I love it when people think outside the box! Thanks for the great tip.

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