Molting and Flying


7 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Hey guys, me again! So now I was wondering when my baby bobwhites would start molting and flying? It has been a full week since most of them have hatched, and I have noticed little feathers on their ever growing wings. Man those babies grow fast! Already their wings are so much bigger in comparison to their bodies. So I was just wondering if they were going to start flying tonight or anything.
Get the lid of your brooder ready as at one week old, they can hop pretty good and just might hop right out of your brooder! By 2 weeks, they are starting to practice a lot of flapping will begin to start some flying. At 3 weeks, they can fly fairly well.

Keep in mind that Bobwhites are not mature until 6 months old. You may not see eggs til next spring. You will not be able to sex them until 12 weeks old.

okay thanks! My brooder has pretty high walls, and I have a lid ready, so thanks for the info! Now I know when to be expecting flyers. thanks again!

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