Molting?? At her age????

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    My Buff Brahama is appox 4 years old and has always had such pretty feathers..she has been our Roosters favorite and always laid an egg a day. Yesterday I noticed lot's of feathers in the coop..I though for a moment someone was attacked..then I noticed Miss Maggie my Buff Brahama was missing feathers all around her neck in the front and she looked like she was wind blown...I have had her for a year now and this is the first time I have noticed any type of it normal for hens to molt this time of year? She is still eating and drinking and runs for treats...just looks like she is going bald! I was not able to pick her up to look for lice or mites..but do not see any on the other hens...could it be a simple molt? Is there anything I need to do for her? I am nervous because it is turning cold..[​IMG]
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    Perfectly normal and happening at the expected time of year. You can increase her protein intake to aid in feather re-growth- BOSS, yogurt, meal worms, catfood in limited quantities, leftover meats from your meals are all good sources of added protein. If more than one of your flock is molting then you may consider switching their feed from layer pellets to a grower formula which has a higher protein percentage.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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