Molting BR & Waddle question

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10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
I think one of my Barred Rock girls is molting. She is 18mos old and is losing her feathers. Everytime I pick her up, they fall out! She is healthy otherwise. I have 5 other hens the same age and they do not appear to be molting. Also, one of my wyandotte's waddles is bigger than the other. She is 7mos old.
Wattles are individual. Sometimes, one will be longer than the other.

Your other hen is exactly the age for her first big molt. That's pretty normal, but some start later than others--just depends. I have birds in all stages of molt right now, all ages.
Me too. There are so many feathers on the ground in my run you would think I had plucked a chook or two.
My poor NHR hen was broody and molting at the same time!

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