Molting for months


14 Years
May 15, 2008
Honolulu, HI
I have a question: what is the longest molting time you guys know of?

Sienna has been molting for what seems like forever. It's not a full-on feathers all over the creation kind of molting, it's a gradual molt if that makes any sense. I swear she's been molting for 3 months or more. She hasn't laid any eggs - I think - for the same amount of time. She's not pulling out her feathers and nothing stressful has happened lately to change up her world.

The reason I ask is b/c her sister Tallulah went through molt at the same time and also stopped laying. When she finished her molt, she started to lay every other day. She hasn't gotten back to her daily egg yet and I'm not sure she will. Which is OK. However I have to be honest and say that each chicken could be laying every other day (or lay) and we'd never know it.

I'm sure no one is hiding eggs, I have looked everywhere possible and there haven't been any mongoose around to steal the eggs. It's been rainy on/off since November so that may have affected things as well.

These girls are RSLs and my first layers, they will turn 3 years old in May. They eat dual-purpose, the occasional bread/rice/strawberry/grape/etc., chameleons (augh), bugs, and whatever else they find during their daily 2-4 hour wanderings in the yard.

TY in advance!
Yes, we have some that seem to spend half the year mooching and doing nothing. I think they are the ones that were not wonderful layers the first year either. In a few weeks there will be at least two less layers(not) in our flock to make room for more serious hens:)
You can try to supplement their diet in case they are nutritionally deficient. When one of ours looks really bad, we are generous with sunflower seeds and other goodies. Extra protein does help and they won't start to lay again until they have their strength back. Unfortunately, our two slackers both look bright eyed, pink combed and full feathered:(
Sienna's actually the bigger of the 2 sisters and usually the more aggressive. She's kinda snobby too.

Someone asked me if there's a new cat patrolling the area and you know what, there has been a new cat. I don't know why that would bother her since we have cats and b/c Tallulah is the more timid of the 2.

At least I feel better knowing that my Sienna isn't the only one that molts for a long time. TY for sharing!!!

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