Molting or something else??


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Apr 13, 2013
Just wondering if this is normal, or if i should be concerned. I have 2 aylesbury ducks & 4 chickens. I was sick for 6mths during winter & they were looked after by my husband (along with the house & kids whilst working), so there was little time for the normal care. They had fresh food and water daily, but stayed in their big run, in very muddy conditions & the coop was cleaned weekly & they had less shavings than usual in coop. Also food wasn't supplemented with leftovers vege, cooked nettles (for niacin), or bread. I am now back on my feet & back in charge of their care, so attending to them daily.
I noticed last month that one of my ducks beaks was paler than the other. Don't recall a difference previously, but couldn't say for sure. Also noticed the same duck is losing wing feathers. Is this just normal molting, or something else & if something else, how will I know? My ducks do not like to be picked up, & are difficult to catch & hold.
I have photos, but not sure how to upload them on this forum, any hints on how to do this??
Could be within normal, or could be a sign of illness. At this point I could not say. If it is possible, I would want to pick both up and compare weight and body condition.

How old are they?
The birds are both just over a yr old, both from same batch. The one I'm worried about was always slightly smaller than the other, and was the runt of the batch, so she will always be lighter. Can't really catch them, they were impossible to catch previously, but can't run at the moment. She seems to be in good form, but not sure if she has laid in the last 2 days.

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