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    my chickens are only 9 weeks old and are starting to molt. at least that's what i think is going on. there sure are alot of feathers in the coop. i thought they didn't molt till they were older. is this common? i know it's starting to look like fall here in illinois, but i thought i read that they wouldn't molt 'till they were a year or so old. any input would be appriciated.
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    Apr 14, 2010
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    My coop and yard are full of feathers. My birds were hatched the week after Easter and have been molting since they were babies. I think its normal as they get thier adult plumage.
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    Chicks grow in three sets of feathers before they reach maturity. One, when they fully feather out about 4 to 5 weeks old. Then again two or three weeks later, then again before they reach sexual maturity. Those last two have a molt associated with them. With mine this second molt and third set of feathers was about 12 weeks. Sounds like yours are going through their first molt. Get ready for a second one in another three or four weeks. I guess they need to grow bigger feathers as they get bigger.
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    They are growing in their adult plumage. You'll see this for a while. It's completely normal.

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