Aug 31, 2016
Central BC, Canada
About half my flock has a 3x3" patch of missing feathers on their backs - no where else. Egg laying is still really good. Could this be moulting? I have 1 rooster and 18 hens in a 8 x12 coop with a 200 sq ft run
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I agree, my hens have about quarter size bare patches on their backs from my rooster. He's not mean, it's just that he has sharp claws. And they are still suffering from the effects of a mean little cockeral who would chase them down and jump on their backs-one of my hen's back feathers are shredded
Does sound like mating wear. They may or may not grow the feathers back in before the fall molt now that the rooster is gone.
All my girls backs are bald it's horrible spring is a busy time for a roo lol

Thankfully he's molting now so his mating has slowed down a bit

That's probably mating baldness some say put saddles on them, my girls won't keep them on they're deathly afraid of the saddles so they remain bald for now :hit

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