Mar 29, 2020
My chicken is molting bad and it’s her first time. She is with 7 other chickens. She is almost bare. What do I do?
How cold is it where you are located ? Generally providing adequate feed, some protein supplementation, and a dry/draft free coop is enough.
As long as she doesn't act like she's cold and has adequate shelter, she's likely fine.

A word of caution: When she starts to get her new feathers as she regrows, watch and make sure her friends don't turn her into their own little blood feather buffet and/or blood/soda fountain. I've got 2 separated for that reason right now. If/when the others find out that blood comes out if a blood feather is injured, they'll go after her like a bunch of thirsty vampires. If you start to see damage (or visible blood) ANYWHERE on her new feathers, separate her immediately where they can't touch her while she feathers out. Bluekote isn't going to stop them going after her. Hopefully that doesn't happen- best case if it does it keep her within sight and sound of her friends, but where they can't feast on her.

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