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    Wasn't sure which topic to post this under, but I'm wondering if my hens are going to go into their first molt? I have six hens, all around 15-16 months. Today, I noticed that most of them are beginning to thin out their feathers around their necks. Their combs and wattles also seem to be just a tiny bit paler than I am used to. No other symptoms, and their behavior and appetites are normal.

    I'm just curious, if this is a molt, what I should expect. Will they go completely bald? How long will it last? Will there be any type of discomfort or behavioral/eating changes for my girls during the process? How will it affect their egg-laying?

    Most importantly, I would like to know of any type of holistic things I can do to support them while they molt. Do they need extra protein, are their any supplements I should be giving them, basically anything I can do to keep their bodies strong and healthy during the process?

    Thankyou so much for any and all advice/suggestions!!
  2. AlaskGirl

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    Apr 19, 2010
    I don't know if my two 1-yo Jerseys were already molting when attacked by dogs but they began growing in great looking feathers last week and began laying again on Sunday. Their wattles got bright red again and it all makes perfect sense now. BUT, I wasn't prepared to see such huge chunks of dried skin come off their bodies. One piece represented the whole underside of a wing, it was disgusting and I couldn't get the image out of my mind all day. I think it had a chunk of feathers attached to it too. If I had recognized molting, rather than the trauma, I would've provided way more protein than I did.

    Since the laying resumed, I am dealing with thin shells. I'm providing oyster shell and dairy but the specific girl doesn't seem to want any of it. I hope your situation comes around quickly and easier!

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