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Aug 11, 2010
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Could someone explain to me Molting please. My 8 week old babies are feathered, but Sly my J Pekin is now molting her baby feathers, im seeing it more on her belly when she comes out of the pool. I know babies get feathers then that what they will do before their true adult feathers come in. Also, did I read somewhere that adults molt and when they molt they stop laying...Im not sure, also how long does the molt last and do they stop laying throughout the whole of the molt.
Thank You xx
The baby fuzz turns into feather, that is called feathering in. These are the colors of a female duck. Meaning the boys will look like girls first. Then the boys shed those feathers into their permanent plumage, which is their first molt. At this point the males get their true colors the first time. This usually happens before they are 12-16 weeks old. The girls usually do not go through this molt. The male colors tend not to be perfect or complete in their first molt. They usually are better the 2nd time around.
Usually one molt, but some ducks do go through another partial or full molt. The girls will stop laying eggs while molting. Good news is that they may not mold all at the same time, even though it is possible.
So my ~11 week old girls are just puffing out bits of down and feathers everywhere because they will be shedding that much daily? Or will they stop shedding so many feathers and down and mini feathers so much soon?
My lot looked like someone was having a pillow fight for about 3 weeks and then it stopped. I left all the feathers on the ground and the wild birds sucked them up for their nests. Dual purpose I would say.
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