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  1. beakkeeper

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    Jul 20, 2008
    May seem like stupid questions--but I gotta know

    1. How often do they molt?[​IMG]
    2. When do they molt?
    3. How do you tell the difference between molting and REALLY bad pecking/parasites?[​IMG]
    4. Is it a good idea to force a molt?[​IMG]

    Thanks all
  2. McChix

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    Oct 30, 2007
    Hi, beakkeeper.

    I'm no expert but will give it a go and answer from personal experience:

    1. Once a year
    2. August-Sept
    3. Oh, my goodness, my Ameraucana is just going through her first real molt - it's like a feather duster exploded! I picked up over 100 of her (clean) feathers yesterday! If it were due to really bad pecking I'd expect her to be somewhat bloody/have scabs on her comb. Plus, I see her feathers just falling out everywhere she goes. If it were an infestation of parasites causing that much feather loss, certainly you'd be able to see them on her skin. Also, she hasn't laid an egg for over a week and ususally she gives me 4-5/week, so that seems like a clue.
    4. Can't imagine why it would be a good idea, and how would you accomplish that?

    Hope that helps!
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