Momma chicken just hatched first chicks - some questions


9 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Hi everyone!

I had a broody rhode island red so gave her some fertile eggs from my neighbor. Today I went out and was greeted by some baby chicks in the nest box. I'm so excited but realize I am clueless and have a few questions:

1. The nest box is high off the ground and cannot fit food or water in it. Will the momma chicken take them food and water or do I need to move everyone out of it and provide it for them?

2. Do I need to separate momma and chicks from my two other hens?

3. Any common mistakes I should know of so I don't end up screwing this up?

Thank you!
Congrats on your first hatch!
You will have to move mom and the babies to a lower box or provide some kind of ramp, so the little ones can get out of and into the box. Provide food and water in the run, but replace any deep bowls or put stones in them, so the chicks don't drown.
Don't give mom and the babies layer food as it's bad for the babies (and mom won't need it now, as she's not laying)
You can separate them if you want. I usually do, as my hens peck the chicks and bull them a bit when they're small. I introduce them to the rest of the flock when they're around 6 weeks old, with mom. Hens wean their chicks from this age onwards.
Have fun!

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