Mommy says I'm a roo & she loves me - PHOTO's


9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Trenton, Florida
This is "Lexie" at 6 weeks old now. My heart says my little girl is a little boy. The "dirt" on her chest is actually watermellon. She's not going to like me tomorrow when I bring out the wash-cloth. Watermellon ... lesson learned !!

Even wild guesses will make me feel like we are getting some where ... finally. It's been a long 6 weeks.



It's been decided that if Lexie is a roo, we are keeping her. She gathers the crew into their house when she feels there is danger, is the first to walk out of the house with the others to follow and if anyone is fighting, she breaks it up. Sounds like a roo more then a hen, right?

I forgot I gave them all watermellon. I checked on them a few hours later & when Lexie walked out of their coop my heart dropped. Rodney was like, "WHAT IS THAT ON HER CHEST". I hollered "Blood!" I was so scared and then it hit me ... watermellon. Then the rest of the chicks began to walk out. All I have to say is that I hoped they enjoyed that little snack because never again.
A dominant hen will act like that too. What else makes you think it's a roo? I'm just asking, not meaning or wanting to argue
I see no red in the comb, no pointy feathers...which COULD be too soon, but no wattle development. I honestly think it's a she. At 6 weeks surely it'd be showing better, my chooks do at 4 weeks.
I thought roo because of her dominant attitude. I didn't know hen's could do that? Keep the thoughts coming ... I'm loving it ....

Thing is ... NONE of my chickens have any pink.

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