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I can't say I'm thrilled, but we're pro-life, so whatcha gonna do?
This baby was an accident, birth control failed. I'm the only kid who knows so far... Hopefully I don't cry when she tells the others like I did last time. I'm just terrified. Her last pregnancy was soooooooooooooo stressfull, as we had just moved and were in the middle of building a house. A lot (not an exagguration, I do mean a lot) of responsibility fell on my shoulders. So now Miss Mazie will be a big sister, and I'll be the oldest of seven.
Like I said, not thrilled, but there's really nothing I can do except live with a constantly tired and frequently irritable person for nine months and then deal with extra noise and stress. Whoopteedo.
Sorry if this wasn't the kind of pregnancy post you were hoping for when you clicked the thread.
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I felt the same way growing up...the oldest of 5. I felt like we were "good" the way we were...and I never have been a big fan of babies...probably as a result of many of the things you've mentioned.

I got tired of babysitting, getting diapers, feeding, dishes, laundry - you name it. ..I was sick of it and wanted my own life!

What I know now: I love my brother and sisters very much. We are all very close with each other AND our parents....but I never had any kids of my own....and never gave it a second thought - been there, done that! No thanks!

Can you keep yourself busy with school commitments? You should till help, but nothing should take priority over your education :)

Good will all be fine!
As a father of 7 kids (DW gave birth to the last one when she was 43 and I was 45) and as the 5th of 7 children, all I can say is be as nice and helpful and supportive to your mother as you can be. Years from now you'll look back on this time as some of the best moments in your life.
I grew up as one of eight children-----I'm number seven-----and I wouldn't change that for anything. It's hard now, but as you all get older it will become easier (in some ways). Holiday get togethers when my older siblings came to visit were wonderful and some of the best memories of my life. Of course, being number seven meant I wore a lot of hand-me-down clothing and had to share some Christmas gifts with my sister's but it was nice having someone to play with all the time. I hope your mom's pregnancy is easier for her and everyone else. Just remember that your younger siblings will look up to you your whole life.
All I can say is work hard now and save so you have more independence when you are older. The choices of your parents will not have to be your life when you get older. The involvement you have can then be up to you, whether it is more or less.
My Ken was the last of 8 kids. He hated it growing up, and now that 3 of those siblings are gone, he misses them greatly. Find joy in your siblings while you can. This life is a lot shorter than you may think.
Dont be sorry for your post. I hear you.

If it werent for this baby being number 7 in your family, I would think you were my daughter with a secret screen name! I bet you and my DD have alot in common. Im GLAD you are sharing and being honest- it gives me insight to how my Dd probably feels being the oldest in our family (I am pregnant with baby #6 right now, her 5th little brother!).

And yes, she does have to help ALOT. And at times, I feel guilty about it. I wish I had more time and energy and money to spend on her, but I just dont right now. I am POSITIVE your mom feels the same way I do. YOU are just as special and important to her as the day you were born, and that never changes, no matter how many more babies come along. Its a hard fact of life right now that so much falls on your shoulders. I have no 'BUT' to add to that statement, it simply is.

On the up side, being older means you get to leave the nest first, and get to do alot of other things first (when you do get time off). Im so sorry you are feeling this way and I REALLY hope this time is not super hard on you and that you can try to stay positive. Nothing makes all the extra responsibilities on you any easier except a kind, decent attitude and you trying your best. Thats all anyone can ask.

Work REALLY hard in school so you can move forward in YOUR life when you hit 18. Scholarships are the way to go if money is tight, but you have to work for it. But it IS your way out someday, your path to personal freedom and choice. All you have to do is grab it!

I really hope you keep posting here and sharing your feelings. I think its important that you feel appreciated and your feelings are heard. I know I appreciate EVERY little thing my DD does, even if I dont always say it. I bet your mom does too.

And if she doesnt- I DO!!! THANK YOU for helping your mama and THANK YOU for being an awesome sibling and helping out!!
Hey eenie114,
I just have to say, growing up as an only child I've often wanted to have siblings. There was a short period when I was thirteen, many night I'd get pretty sad because at our neighbours' places things were noisy and there were kids running everywhere, while in my house my mother was busy writing her papers and left me pretty much to myself.

Enjoy them, I've always thought a big family would be nice as you'd have members of your own generation there when you leave home... best of luck to you all.
It's okay to feel the way you do, it's part of growing up, but...

All I can say is that I am 1of 6, and nothing surprised me more than finding out, years later,
that no one loves you more than your family. Some of the best friendships are made at home.
We have a load of great memories to look back on, and many more to come.
It is really irritating to be the oldest. You want so much and all you get is work work work. You are a kid too and you need to give everything to the little ones. You want some attention and what you get is only a "later you see I'm so busy/tiered" Think thats everything but fair.
And siblings and my parents refused to talk to me................I love my life

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