monday is D day - graphic ramblings- and lots of questions!

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by crystal94040, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Aug 15, 2007
    Well our Hen that turned out to be a roo just can't be quiet! Still no takers on craigslist and I'm getting a bit nervous because I know my neighbors are getting ticked. We decided as a family if there are no takers by Monday then that will be "ester's" d day.
    I'm a first timer and WAY nervous...I'm still not sure how I'll do it....we don't have "tools" Just a cheap butcher chopping knife and then the regular collection of knives. I decided I'll either let DH chop his head off or I'd use the fillet knife to cut his vein and bleed him out. I can't break his neck...I just can't....I'm afraid DH will slip and not cut his head all the way off the first try if he "chops"... which leaves cutting his throat...and I'm not sure that's whats most humane.
    I'm obviously rambling! haha
    and tips on what works best?

    Also I read that after your clean the bird you have to let the meat "rest" for at least a day in the fridge....any truth to that?

    I think I'm going to try plucking him too...any tips for that?
    will it ruin the pot I use?
    Does it really smell as bad as they say?...I'm pregnant and it wouldn't take much to make me sick...haha

    has anyone ate an ameraucana chicken before? does it taste weird?

    Last question, I swear [​IMG]
    how long did it take you to "process" your first chicken...from culling to finish?

    thanks for all your patience!
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    I'd let the meat rest 24 - 48 hours in your fridge in a salt water brine otherwise you won't even be able to chew the meat.

    Dressing out a bird - 20 min the first time

    Tips for plucking - keep your hands dry

    Smell - Dipping in boiling water to pluck - don't hold it under more than 30 seconds to a minute or they start cooking - yes, there is a smell.
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  3. silkiechicken

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    It's really not that bad. Just take a big towel and wrap him tightly with his head out. Take a sharp knife and put it up to the neck skin so you aren't in the way of feathers and quickly cut the throat and then pull the head off to make sure. It's pretty young so it wont be that hard. If you are willing to put the bird under a bit of streess, plucking off the feathers where you plan to make the cut will prevent accidents of just sawing into feathers... that is not very easy to do. Clipping his beard off may also work but I've never tried that.

    Read through the meat bird stuff and that will apply to your EE. They taste just like any other home grown chicken. Sweeter and not mushy in your mouth. Resting is a good idea.

    For plucking, get a thermometer and make sure the water is about 145 deg and then dunk and dunk till the feathers on the wings come off easily. It won't ruin your pot, it's just undressed chicken. Smell will be strong but not that bad... depends on what you call strong. Just don't cut into the guts when gutting.

    Set up to clean up for my first 4 birds when I was 14 took about three hours. But that was me out back "learning from my dad" who didn't really know what he was doing. I can now do them myself in half that time.
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    If you google "herrick kimball - chickens" you will find a blog with lots of advice on butchering.

    *** Warning - there is lots of GRAPHIC content ***

    I found his stuff very enlightening. His article about slaughtering chickens with his son is very descriptive.

    *** Once again - warning - Graphic content ***

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