Month old chick hurt, what should I do?


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Mar 23, 2008
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Sometime last night or early this morning, something got into our coop. I had 14 (month old) chicks in the coop and we heard the dogs barking this morning. When I went to check I was missing 3 and one was dead on the coop floor. I was running late for work so I wasnt able to fully survey the area and chicks. Well when I got home this afternoon I notice one of the chicks was hurt. She walks around like shes fine, not sure if shes eating or drinking though. I noticed that some of her feathers were sticking up and when I went to lift her wing I noticed blood start dropping down my arm. Im not sure what happened, if maybe a coon tried to bite her or what. Under her wing it also looks like it was either skinned or feathers just pulled out. I cant really tell. What can I do to help? How do I clean it and make the blood stop? It seems to bled only when I lift her wing and mess with it.
So sorry to hear about your losses.

The first and most important thing to do is to isolate your injured chick and do a thorough examination to really see how extensive the damage is.

You can clean the area with saline solution and trim back any feathers that might get into the wound.

You need to ascertain how bad the wound is, if any organs are affected, if any bones are broken.

Hopefully, the bleeding has stopped on its own by now.

Sorry you had to wait so long for a response. How is she doing?

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