month old chick with sticky clear stuff in mouth! HELP


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Apr 17, 2013
I have 6 month old chickens and 1 (ruby) started acting very weird this morning.. she has like sticky clear stuff in her mouth and I haven't seen her drink or eat this morning. she seems like shes tired and is basically just sitting there with her feathers puffed up and eyes closed... this is my first time with chickens and I have no Idea what to do!

any suggestions will be great!

we don't want to loose our RUBY!
wow is the clear stuff mucus? how is her breathing? her nose is it clear? her poo? listen closely to her and make sure she's not wheezing or breathing strange. if you can rule out a upper respiratory illness signs would be mucus in nose wheezing coughing sneezing ect
then it could be coccidosis. symptoms are tiredness eyes closed ruffled feathers lethargy; not wanting to eat or drink and SOMETIMES bloody poo but bloody poo isn't always present. if you think it sounds like coccidosis you can treat successfully with a product called CORID. it will kill all 9 strains of cocci. if you feel its more of a upper respiratory issue then start her on a water soluble antibiotic. you might in either case have to help her get her dose of medication by using a dropper until she is drinking on her own again. if she's not showing any more signs of respiratory illness I'd try the corid for cocci. you will have to decide by looking for the signs. if her breathing is clear and her nostrils are clear and no coughing or sneezing or labored breathing I would think it might be cocci. then you would treat with corid. but if she's showing signs of respiratory illness then treat with the antibiotic. but puffed up eyes closed lethargic sounds like coccidosis. start the corid as soon as possible. make sure she's getting her dose with a dropper. you will have to keep her hydrated with the medicine and water. you will mix the medicine into the water and use a dropper to help her out until she can drink on her own. you can get corid at the feed store along with a dropper or syringe to keep her hydrated and keep the medication administered. you can then try to offer her some soft food like mash
simply add warm water to the chick feed and mash it up with your hands. they really seem to love it like that and hopefully it will start her eating again. I wish you the very best of luck. please look up coccidosis and symptoms and keep in mind bloody poo does not have to be present for them to have the cocci. and sees if you agree that the symptoms match. if you agree then get the corid and treat soon. good luck to you. I really hope ruby gets better really soon! your in my thoughts and prayers. best wishes.
I took her to the vet and she does have coccidiosis. she seems to be doing a little better. thank your for all your information! that was very helpful!

and I meant to say that she is a month old and I have 6 chicks. sorry I was typing so fast when, I posted I messed it up :)

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