Months of sneezing/wheezing...Help!

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  1. Blondi

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    Aug 18, 2014
    I have two bantams that I got together, they were in really bad shape, but I've fattened them up, got rid of scaley leg mites and they are little egg laying machines! The problem is no matter what I've tried they wheeze at night (gurgling sounds) and sneeze often during the day. Here's what I've tried:
    -Vet Rx
    -ACV in their water
    -removed any excess dust in their coop
    The wheezing will go away temporarily then come back, both antibiotics were added to water daily for 14 days, there is no mold in the coop, plenty of ventilation. They are not lethargic, combs are brightly colored and they leg an egg almost every day (sometimes every other)
  2. cafarmgirl

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    They may be carriers of some respiratory disease and if so this will probably keep happening as long as you have them. Antibiotic's won't cure it, though they will help prevent pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections. If you have access to an avian vet you could have a blood sample tested to see if that is indeed the problem.

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