Moody Chicken


6 Years
Jun 25, 2013
Hi -I have a little lady that has been holing herself in the coop for a week now. She will stay outside if I put her out, but for the most part, she stays inside. When I put her outside, she eats and then she turns into evil chicken and pecks on whatever chicken might be in her way. She's usually active and friendly. I'm thinking she might be moulting, but do they moult 2x? I see some feathers in the coop, but not tons.
Is it common? She seems really lethargic, which makes me think she's moulting again. However, I don't recall her being so mean the last time she moulted.

Any suggestions?

The other 3 chickens seem perfectly fine...eating, laying, etc.

Without being able to observe her behavior first-hand, it's very difficult to know for sure what's going on. Some other helpful information would be details about her age, breed, and history. Are her stools normal? Is she eating normally?

It is possible that she just adopts a different personality when she's outside than when she's in, sort of like how I don't act the same way at home as I do at work. She may also be going through a pseudo-broody state--not quite enough to set a nest, but enough to make her neurotic if she's outside of her comfort zone. Again, it's hard to say if I'm not actually there to watch her.

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