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Hi Everyone.
Well, my dh sent me off to TSC to get chicks today. We stopped in after we dropped off my son at pre-school and their shipment is still at the airport. Don't know if they'll get them today or tomorrow morning. Now, I don't have all day tomorrow to hang out at TSC waiting for chicks to arrive. I'm nervous enough about getting started and (have nothing prepared - you should have seen the scramble for a brooder box this morning!) the longer we wait the more I'm talking myself into waiting. We really are over scheduled right now and I'm concerned that we won't be able to take care of the little peepers because we'll be gone so much (not overnight, just running around like - well, chickens with our heads cut off!!).:eek:

I need some encouragement that the little chicks will survive with out 24/7 monitoring. If I can get them tomorrow (8am in the morning of course!), we'll keep them in a box in the laundry room for a week or two before putting them in a large wooden crate in the garage. It's supposed to get cold here again over the weekend and I don't think they'll be warm enough in the garage even with a heat lamp!

IF we can't get chicks tomorrow, the girls & I picked out the ones we want from MyPetChicken. We only want 6 chicks, so I'll be spending $57.19 for SIX chicks! My dh will lay an egg on his own!!

I need to run my darling to dance right now, but if someone could please encourage me that I CAN do this and NOT kill the little peepers, I'd appreciate it. Will chicks survive owners that lead such hectic lives? Thanks.


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I liked what you said about 6 chicks costing you almost $60. I did the same thing! We got 12 from the feed store 2 months ago. Then hubby says well why dont you just make it an even 20. So I went SHOPPING
at My Pet Chicken too! I didnt tell him how much it cost. Well he came out of the office mummbling something about $80 for 8 chickens!!! As far as 24/7 its not that hard. Ours were in the office and got checked on alot. However there were hours when I was in town, running errands that sort of thing. We had a family emergencey when they were only 2 weeks old and had to leave town for 2 days. My mother-in-law made it out here only twice but they were fine. Just make sure they have enough food and water and they are warm enough before you leave for the day. You will be fine!! It only takes a few minutes at a time to feed and water, then when you can sit down for a minute they are so much fun to watch and so realxing. They are worth it. Mine are in their coop now and I go out there when I need to think or wind down. Good luck and enjoy them!


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Mar 9, 2007
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I worried too, being a working mom to chicks, but they really are just fine as long as there basic needs are met.

You will not imprint on them as much, so they will not be as friendly, but I like a chicken who is ....well, got to say it.....chicken. My last flock of 3 were not so skittish & they got taken out by 2 roaming dogs (they were in their eglu but the dogs pulled the entire front panel off - they prbably would not have been able to do so if I had put the rod through BOTH loops instead of just the top one
my fault), I was @ home @ the time and did not hear a thing.

Plus if you get them now you should (depending on breed) be getting some eggs in fall right before they slow down for winter. Do you really want to wait another year?

My Pet Chickens come as pullets that are debeaked don't they? I sure do not want a debeaked bird do you? Although I do understand wanting a laying hen - I am not the patient sort, chicks may be cute but I would still rather have a laying hen that is not debeaked so getting them now as chicks just means you will get there sooner....



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Don't rush into getting them if you are not prepared. It is much easier on you & the chickens if everything is ready & set up for them. (Feed, waterer's, bedding, housing, heat lamps, etc)

I've read too many horror stories of people who are not set up or done their homework & then wonder why their birds are dying.

Like taking on any living thing, there is a responsibility to care & nurture them. The only person who can answer the question truthfully is yourself.

I think you already know the answer.
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Jul 23, 2007
The chicks from My Pet Chicken are not debeaked. I ordered most of mine from them because I wanted sexed banties and no minimum, and they were wonderful (but yes, the shipping is EXPENSIVE!). But worth it to have what I wanted.
You can order pullets from them, and they may be debeaked.
My chicks did just fine in a brooder in the garage, the heat lamp kept them cozy and in Colorado, we still have snow and cold thru May in the mtns. It's hard not to watch them constantly, they are so cute and you worry about them, but mine did just fine with me working all day or us going out in the evenings. Don't worry too much, get some now, and ENJOY them!


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Mar 18, 2008
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Why in the world would the debeak a chicken??!!!

Its just like declawing cats! How can a chicken defend itself with no beak. Thats just wrong!

Anyway. I work full time too and my 10 day olds are doing just fine. Make sure to feed them a couple times a day, change their water 2 or 3 times a day and "play" with them. I find myself just gazing and them for a few minutes when really a half hour has gone by. I've been to bed really late lately.


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Mar 8, 2008
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I am glad you said that as I have my order in with MPC but it won't be here until the end of the month. I had never heard of debeaking a chick and was begining to think I made a mistake by ordering from there. I feel better now.


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Apr 2, 2007
One of our customers brought this thread to our attention.

I just wanted to set the record straight. We do not debeaked our baby chicks at My Pet Chicken. Everyone here at MPC has chickens of their own that they love to spoil and would never think of debeaking them. We believe that chickens should be allowed to free range and life good chicken lives. A debeaked bird cannot forage as well and usually end up lower on the pecking order because it cannot properly defend itself.

Last year we did sell started pullets that were debeaked, but that was because we couldn't find someone that would provide non-debeaked pullets. However, we're happy to announce that this year we're going to be offering started pullets that are not debeaked. The first batch should be ready in June.



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Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! You can imagine my shock last year when I pulled a pullet out of a box and saw her disfigured face. (not from your hatchery) I had no idea. She's the sweetest chicken, and a great layer, and I try to make up for the things she can't do with half a beak. She's very spoiled.

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