More Delaware Pics @ Almost 15 Weeks Old


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***One of the remaining three boys is up for grabs now. Check out this thread in BST>
Oh thank you for posting these pics. I just recently got 30 delaware pullets and was worried that they were roos because they had black on their wings. Now I see that the girls have black throughout as well. Nice birds!!!!

Do they have a nice personality? Calm?
Calm? Well, I'm not sure I would use that word. They are intensely curious little attention hounds, that's for sure. They constantly pick at your clothes if you dont pay attention to them and are extremely active. Good luck with yours!

Thank you, Barker. I love the look of the black and white with red comb on a green lawn.
I just had to commment....

CALM?!? LOL they're busy, they forage like berserkers, lizards, mice, small snakes - all fair game, they're curious to a fault, they can fly, they will peck the snot out of you if you ignore them. They're rarely afraid, but have their own opinions about when and how to be handled.

If they like you - you're cool. If they don't, don't stick around.

All in all a neat, tough, persistent, creative breed. Pretty too.
Wow Cyn! They are Beauties! Love em'! Can't wait until you can really start breeding with them!

I bet they make gorgeous babies as well! LOVING THE ROOSTERS!

I am guessing that last pic is "Rockstar"? If so, wow!
Yup, I concur! I have decided on which one to keep and the other two boys are up for grabs in BST now.
Thanks, Stacey and Lanissa. Yes, the last pic is of the Rockstar, who is getting a real name now that I know I'll be keeping him around. They are attractive birds, no doubt, good photographic subjects if you can get them to stop their perpetual motion.
We have several Delawares that are nearly 3 mos old. One of my roos in particular gets irritated if I am not paying attention to him. He will quickly pinch my arm and look at me like "PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!". He usually gets my shoulder while one of the pullets gets my lap. They have quickly become one of my favorite breeds (if not THE favorite!).

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