More/Diff Chicks: Can you help me sex&color my EE mutts (pic heavy)


8 Years
Sep 3, 2011
Arcadia, FL
Part 2:

Daddy Roo was a Blue Wheaten EE. So handsome!
Momma 1 is a peach EE colored one (if you know the name of that please share)
Momma 2 is a white/black ?splash EE.
Momma 3 was a PBR.
Momma 4 was a Wyandotte.
They all shared nests so the only ones I know came from whom are the PBRs.

ALL OF THESE ARE 4 WEEKS OLD (currently & when pics were taken)

What sex/color is this beautiful creature?

What sex/color is this fabulous chick?


Can you tell me anything about the one closer to the camera? It's colored like the Momma - whom you can get a glimpse of behind it.

What sex/color is my little runt? Is that the tell tale sign of Rooster Red I am seeing on his shoulders?
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Pics 3 and 5 are cockeral, Idk the colors of any of them and I am pretty sure the others all look like pullets.
I agree with everyone can't really tell color till they mature...that's what makes EE's so fun!


(from this...)

(to this....)


(from this....)

(to this....)

mine are pullets....please post pics as they grow...even if only for your own records!

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