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    Feb 19, 2013
    I am having the worst time deciding if i want to use welded wire or woven wire fencing. I do know that I am going to be using t posts not wood posts. So, my first thought was that I wanted to use welded wire because I wouldn't have to do all that stretching, plus I didn't want to put in braced wooden corner posts. I've been reading and i have discovered that a lot of people prefer woven wire because it CAN be stretched, it can be hard to get the wave out of welded wire because you cant really stretch it. Also, I have discovered that TSC has kits for t posts to brace them so they can be used for corners for woven wire. So now I am thinking that i would rather have woven wire. SO...all that being said i would love to hear everyone's opinions and experiences. The only fencing experience I have is with chain link and electric fencing (and that was poly rope not wire, so it wasnt hard to stretch). Also it is raining a lot and very wet right now, so am I right to assume i should hold off on any fencing until the ground dries out so it can hold the t posts firmly?
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    Yes i would wait for it to dry out a bit but not wait until the dry season! The Summer is the worst time to dig holes! The ground gets to be as hard as a rock. The Spring time after the ground thaws and dries is a good time.

    I fenced our 23 acres in field fence a few years ago and I also do alot of fencing here at the farm. I have used the TSC fence stretcher along with a pulley and chains to tighten fences. I'm not sure how long your fence run is but to tell you the truth you can pull a short run fence without a stretcher to make it look fine. Below is a picture of 16' of no-climb woven fence that I added without a stretcher. You can use woven no-climb fence and be assured that no large critter will get through! Add netting or smaller wire mesh along with the woven fence if want to keep small critters such as sparrows from getting in the run. The welded wire stuff is cheap but not nearly as good as woven. The welds break with little effort. Our goats could tear up the welded wire pretty fast. Throw a couple shovel fulls of cement into the post hole if they are free-standing. Hope this Helps!



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