More hatching!


Rube Goldberg incarnate
9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington
Started hatching last night at 9pm, right on schedule. Some are a little slow in hatching though. 12 out, 8 actively pipping and another 17 just waiting on. 54% so far in the Little Giant, which is all I have. We'll see if we get some more late bloomers. Last night there were only 8 pips, so we'll see.

Enjoyed the pics. Maybe I need to come up with some of that plastic egg tray material your eggs are sitting on. I found with chicken eggs that just laying them on the screen turns into roller derby which doesn't seem too great for those trying to pip. I've read that using paper mache egg cartons to hold the hatching eggs works ... but I'm concerned about air flow. How about just killing the motor on the egg turner when the eggs are nearly on their sides (and adjust temp since the turner motor heat won't be there then...) ?
Your great hatch rates sure make your methods worthy of following. Oh, and I'm all set for UPS to bring my 18 eggs today!


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