More than I bargained for!


9 Years
Jul 1, 2010
I decided to incubate a couple of duck eggs just so my youngest granddaughter could see the hatch and lovely baby ducks. Last year I successfully incubated 7 eggs and have a flock of beautiful Aylebury ducks who produce wonderful eggs. I put 4 eggs in the incubator but when I candled them, they were all yokers. I put 3 more to incubate. I candled these and once again they were yokers. I decided to send off for some fertile eggs by post. Whilst awaiting my 6 fertile eggs, i decided to candle the 3 eggs before I threw them away and to my great shock, they were all fertile! Now I have 6 eggs in the post and my own 3 fertile eggs. Potentially, 9 new ducks! Oops!!

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