more than just a leg problem? *photos* cull or ?


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
these 2 little guys hatched out this week. they are now 3 days old. they were eggs taken from a broody after she started smashing open all her eggs. she was 19 days into sitting when she turned on them (now thinking back i wonder if its because she 'knew' something went wrong?)
i finished off the eggs in my incubator, but they both hatched out with problems,

1) is that a bad case of splay legs or does he just like doing the splits? he can pull the legs together and walk but then he does the splits and sits. will taping these in place be enough?


2) this little guy has one leg shorter than the other, the 'stumpy' leg has curled up toes and is also pulled close to the body via a flap of skin, so he cant really move it. he also has a neck issue? his head looks constantly o the side. is there anything i can do for this little one or is it best to cull now?



ive had a look at your link and have now made a shoe for the crooked toes on chick 2 and a taped the legs of chick 1, but im still unsure on chick 2, its the angle of the head and the short leg that worry me. it scrabbles around the floor going in circles at the moment. its peeping enormously so im guessing pain or discomfort? would vitamins help? can a chick survive with such a disability?

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