More than one egg a day from our Rhode Island Red

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    Aug 8, 2011
    talk about rare, our Rhode Island Red "Big Bird", who has been laying for about 2-3 weeks now, went into her box this morning and was in there for quite some time. When my son noticed that she vacated the coop, he went to retrieve the egg. Much to our surprise, she layed 3 eggs all in the same spot stacked next to each other. Is this possible? I checked in the morning and there no eggs in the box. The other chicken we have are 2 white Delewares (white eggs) and one bantam red (still too young to lay). Is this possible?????!!!!!!!

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    Well I am raising my first batch of chickens who hatched on Feb 4 but everything I have read and experienced so far says the girls ovulate every 25 hours....and you get one egg max. Perhaps (if your birds are hatchery quality like mine) they arent a pure line of birds that will lay the color of egg you expect and all of your big girls are now laying and like the same nest box. Mine WILL sit on top of each other, sit on top of other girls eggs, or stand there and wait their turn to use a favorite box.
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    My Delaware lays brown eggs......
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    Copied from

    "The Delaware breed is a white bird with some black markings. The breed is named after the state of Delaware, where they were originally developed in the 1940s. Their eggs are large and brown, and you can usually count on the mature Delaware hen to lay an egg a day. Delaware hens are friendly, calm and easy to handle, from my experience. But other growers have said they can be “fiery.” "

    Delaware eggs:


    Did your eggs look like this?


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