More than one Rooster???

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  1. Angerbat

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    Mar 5, 2008
    I just got some baby chicks. 8 from a straight run and 4 pullets. I already have a rooster and 6 hens. When they are old enough to go outside and join the flock will I have problems with having more than 1 rooster. Will they continually fight, will they crow more? Can you successfully have more than one rooster?
  2. HobbyChickener

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    Jun 29, 2007
    central KY
    One roo to about 8 girls. Yes they will fight and yes they will all crow. I just put 4 in the freezer because of it. They did seem to get along a little better when they were together but not with the ladies. I have "about" lost 2 roos because of them being together and having girls around at the same time. I would load up on the roos if you dont have to and if you aren't "makin babies" then you dont need any. [​IMG] Good Luck
  3. airmom1c05

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Raymond, Mississippi
    You can successfully have more than one rooster if there are enough hens to go around. Some folks build a "bachelor pad" for the roosters and only allow one at a time in with the hens. Others put a rooster and a hen or two in breeder pens. Most folks only want one rooster for about 10 hens. You will hear all sorts of opinions. With good management/supervision, you can have more than one. If you choose to have more than one, be prepared (as you should anyway) with isolation or separate quarters for if and when you need them.
  4. snewman

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Belleville, WI
    So, if the roosters are not in with the girls, can several live together, in the "bachelor pad"? Am I silly for thinking I want more than one rooster in the first place? They are just so handsome.
  5. airmom1c05

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Raymond, Mississippi
    From what I see on this forum, plenty of folks do it. I think you can see some of the housing designs in the Coop Designs section. I know I saw a coop design including a bachelor pad on here. There is just no way to know if even your hens may have a pecking order challenge from time to time where blood might be drawn. I say a little prayer every morning when I first open the coop door. I breathe easier after a head count and body check! [​IMG] After you spend hours with your chickens/roosters, you will have a better feel for the order of things and their individual personalities. Have fun, and be responsible, too. Every now and then relax and simply enjoy. You have an excellent source of advice, encouragement, sympathy, everything you could ever need owning chickens right here on BYC. One moderator advised me to relax, and I have been forever grateful. We newbies have a tendency while reading different threads to stress over someone else's immediate problem when we don't even have it......YET!!! [​IMG] No harm in getting prepared, but don't let it make you sick with worry. Chickens are a marvelous hobby where you learn as you go. The old saying, "I learn something new every day" has never had more meaning to me as it does since I acquired my first chicken. I'm happier than I can remember being in a long time. My mistakes haven't caused a death yet, and my worry hasn't led to a heart attack either. I'll cross that bridge when I get there and all the folks here are so supportive and non-condemning I'm certain if/when something tragic happens, I'll get through it. Bottom line: I love my chickens and I'm pretty sure they know it. I'm positive you will love yours, too.
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  6. FLchook

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    Oct 27, 2007
    Orlando, Florida
    I have a curse at picking out roosters. Even when Im sure they are going to be hens, they turn out to be roosters the moment I get home [​IMG] Three differnt times have all my chicks, hatched by thier mammas, turn out to be 100% rooster!

    In all my experiencs, you can have multiple roosters. Now comes the but....BUT it all depends on the rooster, and more importantly, the temperment of your head roosters. Big Boy was awsome. He protected and cared for chicks just like thier mamma did. When they grew into young me, he gentally put them in thier place, but let them have pretty good run of the flock.

    I have also found that roosters that are raised together, get along better.

    Hope this helps alittle! Good luck.
  7. Hotwings

    Hotwings Songster

    Jan 27, 2007
    southwestern Michigan
    My friend Denise currently has 3 roosters together. They will be a year old this May I guess. They are full brothers out of a barred rock hatch. I call them the brothers Grim-they always hung out together growing up and so far no serious fighting among them. They are rough on the hens and Denise will either get rid of at least 2. She is trying to see which roo will be the best-especially not in the aggressive mating process. I don't know if they will become more aggressive when spring sets in or not. So far they haven't shown any aggression to humans cross fingers. Can you imagine 3 roos forming a gang attacking a human! This is something I hope I never see. She will either give away 2 of them or the stewpot is the last resort.
  8. HR Patterson

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    Feb 10, 2008
    Gravity, PA
    I have 4 roo's (one is a bantee) to 26 girls and 2 ducks. If the fighting gets too bad the ducks settle it. We do not have much fighting and they have been together for about 2 years. We inherited the flock from friends that moved 5 months ago and have not moved the chicken house in yet, so they are all VERY confined at night with no problems. I think it just depends on the flock.[​IMG]

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