Morning crowing


Sep 14, 2017
hi all
Can any one please give me some advice. I am new to chicken wrangling :) I’ve had my girls since Sept 2017 and they are now about 9 months old. I have two Silkies and two Peakins. But in recent weeks I’ve found that they’ve started the most horrendous crowing from about 6am and this can go on for an hour! They can be so noisy that I’m worried one was being hurt!
Is there anything I can do? I don’t want my neighbours to get annoyed and complain
Cock birds crow - it's what they do. Maybe removing one cock bird could reduce the crowing somewhat, but there are no guarantees.

If you fear that your neighbours may complain, it may be worth considering getting rid of both, imo.
if they are girls they are not crowing they are clucking loudly most likely after laying eggs.
and mine do this it's normal if you feel its that bad talk to your neighbour and explain this.

If they (or just one) are not laying eggs period then yes they are crowing this is a male and chances are you won't be able to keep him if your in a "city" type area.
Females will sometimes crow .i rarely have a cockerel in my midst..only when I’m growing them on but once when I only had ladies ..shortly after the men departed for new homes, one decided to crow..not a full on cockerel show but a loud attempt! ! Sadly she didn’t ever stop despite trying lots of things so she had to move to a friends farm..
So ..I’d check it isnt egg song..they can be very proud of those eggs!
Check they aren’t all ladies...perhaps post photos for us to see..
And finally if all else fails then you have a female crower..

p.s Not all grumpy neighbours live in the city..many rural communities also have them :he

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