moscovy ducks


13 Years
May 14, 2007
We are considering getting some moscovy ducks but I can't find much info on how to raise them. Like what kind of housing do they need and do they naturally come back to the coop at night or if I let them free range will they roost in a tree. I live in upstate ny and we have foxes and owls. I would like to do whats best for the birds. Any info would be great.

We have Muscovies, 3 of them 1 drake and two girls(one is sitting on a nest lol) :) They are wonderful. I just started letting mine out, only when I'm around though, they are pretty easy to herd back into their pen :)
I have 8 of them. We have a fairly roomy barn done in miniature but i also stall all my drakes off too. They need housing just like any other duck, protection from elements, predators etc..

I do have a ledge in the back of mine which the hens like to 'roost' up on at night... other than that oddity I think all regular duck care applies.Mine do like water, we just use small kiddy pools or leftover sandboxes converted.

My birds free range and then herd back to the barn come night time most times they are already in there and we just shut them in. It takes practice for them to learn but they do.
I don't have a barn yet, so I will build a coop. I can't wait!!!!!

Ours is only a mini barn but Muscovy are large birds(especially the boys) and we have some nasty winters so they don't always go out. There is a ton of pictures, designs etc on this forum just a matter of deciding what is most important to you and your allowed space. We're in the country so i had no restrictions.
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