Mosquito bite remedies anyone? Help!


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Okay, I know I told everyone, and even put it in my signature that I wouldn't be on BYC for a few days due to a vacation. But I need help!

Usually bugs don't like me too much, but I guess something changed. I have huge itchy bug bites everywhere!!!
Does anyone have any mosquito bite remedies? I have tried rubbing banana peel on the bites which was recommended in a magazine. It works, but not for long and then there's the rest of the banana which I can't eat due to stomach aches.

Now I'm all paranoid about getting bitten and everything I feel I think is a bug. :rolleyes:
Mozzie bites are an almost daily hazard here for part of the year but, despite all the claims for natural remedies, the only ones I find work are proprietary ones from the pharmacy. I've no idea what brands are available to you but there will be a choice from which to find the one that suits you best. You can use a preventative spray or an after bite one. I used Jungle Formula in the UK but it's not available here. This website might help you:

We also burn mosquito coils on the verandah in the evening when the mozzies are about:

Other measures we use are outdoor fans at ankle and leg height (they don't like a breeze) and, in cooler weather, long pants. When the blighters really get me, I take a shower. That seems to sooth the stinging quicker than anything else.

Most bites aren't dangerous but they can become infected and, if not treated, can cause septicaemia.
Don't have a remedy but once you get them take Benadryl. Doctor told me about using it for mosquito bites and it's truly helped. They heal MUCH faster.
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Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a good idea. However, I am currently on a vacation and don't have any Benadryl with me, and we can't exactly go to the grocery store. But I will have to keep that in mind.

Then try lemon or line juice as a repellant. I'm told that they don't like it but haven't tried it.

Where are you on vacation? I'm not being nosy but mozzies carry some nasty diseases in some areas.
when I get bit by mosquitoes as nothing seem to work for me this is what I do!! I run HOT water as HOT AS I CAN STAND IT ON THE BITE FOR 1-2 mins and pat the bite dry. DO NOT RUB THE BITE DRY AS YOU WILL MAKE IT ITCH, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN AND IT WILL NOT WORK AS WELL THE 2nd time. that's all you have to do!!!! you may have to do this 2-4 times but I find I only have to do it 2 times. this works really well for me and have done this with other bug bites too!!!
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