Most humane way to put a chicken down!

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  1. Teppler

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    Jan 29, 2014
    Denison, Texas
    Okay so just thinking about this and wondering what were the options if the worse case happened and you had to
    put a pet chicken down. I was raised in the country and have no problems with hunting, getting rid of varmints etc but the idea of doing that to a pet is not appealing. So what are the options?
  2. TheChickInn

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    Feb 29, 2012
    I am a farm girl- love to hunt and fish.....can't kill a chicken though! We had a mean rooster a few years ago that we couldn't keep because he was attacking my children. I didn't want to sell him, because he was just too mean! My husband was nice enough to take care of him. He used an ax- held the roo down and chopped off his head. Sad- but sometimes necessary! Good luck!
  3. Fentress

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Chesapeake, Va.
    There are a lot of ways to do it. None of which are completely free from what you are trying to avoid. Killing something is a messy business. I would consider choosing a method that you think you can handle, that you can execute with reasonable effectiveness. What might work great for one person may not work for you. There is a good video on utube of a young woman who cuts their throat while holding them upside down, in a very gentle caring way. If you cut properly the blood should flow freely, if not then you have made a mistake and try again. A good set of loppers will take off their head quickly, but you will need some one else to streck the neck out for you. When I absolutely can no longer tolerate a rooster and he has to go, buckshot at close range is as humane as anything else. What ever method you choose your conscience should be clear and you should give thanks for the precious gift that was given to you for your sustenance, companionship or whatever contribution the animal made to your life.
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  4. barnaclebob

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    Sep 24, 2012
    Off with their heads, its really not as bad as it seems. Having the chicken be sick and clearly in need of euthanasia makes it easier too. Just remember that the chicken doesn't know whats coming.
  5. Serenity Sav

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    Jan 23, 2014
    Bonny Doon, California
    Someone on here had a beloved pet chicken who was very sick and slowly dying. My understanding is that she gave it some crushed up sleeping pills to gently end the suffering, passed away shortly after.
  6. Teppler

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    Jan 29, 2014
    Denison, Texas
    Thanks for the replies when I was younger I would not have given it a thought but as I get older I think more about how precious the gift of life is even if it is just a chicken.

    This morning as I was gathering eggs and taking care of my girls and my new additions I sat down to just watch and one of my year old girls run over and jumped in my lap and just seemed to gaze at me, but hey she most likely was just thinking "Where are my meal worms" [​IMG]

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